Round Diamond charm bracelet

Round Diamond charm bracelet


A gold bracelet with a round 15 mm diameter charm.

The circle is sed in the highest quality and with sparkling white diamonds.

The hoop is studded with 36 natural diamonds.

On either side of the circle is a small loop connecting the golden link chain

  • Diamonds:
  • Carat:0.27ct
  • Clarity:SI
  • Color:F
  • Circle diameter : 15mm


* All the jewelry are designed, manufactured and set in the highest quality
* Each jewelry is made by order and according to the customer’s sizes. The preparation time is up to 14 business days
* If you need the jewel for a specific date, please contact us to check if it is possible
* Each piece of jewelry is delivered in a designed gift package
* You can custom design components in all the jewelry above (size/ stones/setting)

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